What are iron on transfers?

This video shows how to apply the vinyl print type only, for printed iron ons please refer to the instructions that come with your order

Iron on transfers are a cost effective way to personalise and customise your clothing.

Vinyl transfers are a single colour print only, and they leave no background at all when applied to your garment, leaving a professional looking and eye catching finish!

Printed transfers have either a white background or a film background when applied, these can be multi colour designs or even photos!

We offer a huge range of iron on designs to suit all occasions, many of which can be customised to add that personal touch such as a name and date for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

You can use premium iron ons from MYOG to create fantastic looking personalised gifts for a fraction of the cost.

How do I apply my transfer? 

All orders include an easy to follow instruction sheet, which is also available right here online! (see bottom of this page)

Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully and give us a call if you have any questions or issues.

Application requires a hot iron or heat press so please be careful when applying, if under 18 seek assistance from a responsible adult.

Signature Printing Ltd. will not be held liable for any injury, loss, cost or damage incurred whilst using our products.

Are iron on transfers from MYOG only for use on t-shirts?

Simply, no.

Our iron on transfers can be used on any cotton or cotton blend smooth fabrics.

This includes poly/cotton blends. You can have fun using iron ons from MYOG to create personalised t-shirts, tote bags, baby clothes, accessories and more!

(Please make sure that the material is capable of taking the heat from the iron / heat press before applying. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused).

How durable are iron on transfers?

The durability of the print on your fabric really comes down to how thoroughly it has been applied.

We recommend following the initial application with a second press, to do this cover the printed area with the included silicon paper and press over all areas of the print again with a hot iron in order to “seal” it into the fabric/ If you notice any areas peeling up at all, you can cover over it again with the silicon paper and re-iron to flatten it down.

The print will not be quite as durable as a shop-bought garment, but they are designed to look good and last.

How do I wash my garment / product once the print is applied?

Always leave at least 24-48 hours in between applying the print and washing the garment / fabric.

For cotton fabrics, please only wash on a cool wash (30degrees) with the garment inside out and leave to air dry (no tumble dryers!)

For polyester based fabrics, we recommend hand washing only, as machine washing can lead to print damage in some cases.

Again, if you notice any areas of the print peeling up after a wash, simply cover the print with the silicon paper are re-iron to seal it back in. NOTE – never iron directly over a print without covering it with silicon paper, the iron will stick to the print and damage it!