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Who knew today is the biggest shopping day of the year?!

Today is the 11th November, marking the Chinese Shopping Festival otherwise know as “Single’s Day”.

Granted, this might not be an event that is very well heard of here in the UK, but it is the most important day of the year for online shoppers in China.

11.11.2015 has just set a new world record for the most sales online in one day, with the ecommerce giant Alibaba racking up nearly £6billion in sales before midday today!

How is this relevant?

The point is that with the rise of China based international marketplaces such as Alibaba, DHGate, JD and many others, the knock on effect of “Single’s Day” can start be felt across the whole world.

Due to a rise in marketing and media publications surrounding the day, it is likely that the hype surrounding sales and shopping on 11th November will spark online retailers across the world to offer incentives to their customers, and likewise the customers may feel more likely to go shopping.

So, how do you guys feel? Has the media hype surrounding 11.11 made you want to go shopping online??

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