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St. Patricks Day!

Whatever you have planned for St. Patricks Day tomorrow, make sure you celebrate in style!

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Enjoy your celebrations, we will leave you with a Paddys Day poem (credit to Bruce Lansky):
Don’t Pinch  
When I got on the school bus,
I was in for a surprise.
My friends all stared and pointed.
There was mischief in their eyes.
A kid who sat in front of me
reached out and pinched my knee.
My friends all started laughing,
but the joke was lost on me.
And then I got my second pinch.
I felt it on my ear.
And then I felt a third and fourth.
You guessed it–on my rear.
I asked, “Why are you pinching me?
I think it’s very mean!”
They said, “Today’s St. Patrick’s Day
and you’re not wearing green.”

By : Bruce Lansky

Have a great day no matter what you do!

The MYOG Team !

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