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A sneaky peek into our printing processes…

Have you ever wondered exactly how we get your fantastic designs from the on screen preview on to the t-shirt?

You may have seen us talking about DTG printing on several blogs, emails and across this website… but what exactly is DTG printing?

When you design your own personalised t-shirts online, your unique designs come through to us as a digital image file.

At this stage, we simply input your design in to our our advanced printing software, size it up as per your on screen design, and send it to print.

We then carefully place your chosen garment in to one of our ultra-modern Direct To Garment printers, and the printing process begins.

Below shows an example of some custom t-shirts that we printed for Ted Talks (in partnership with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine):

As you can see from the image above, the first stage of printing is to print a white base layer of ink directly on to the garment.

Our printers can print incredibly detailed, high resolution designs in single units, or they can print runs of hundreds of units.

Unlike older print methods such as screen printing, there is no complicated set up process and therefore we do not set high minimum order quantities.

If you want just 1 t-shirt, no problem!

Step 2, the garment goes back in to the machine for the colour ink to be added over the top, and then the garment is heat cured so that the inks dry:

Finally, your t-shirt is bagged up and ready to be dispatched to your door!

As you can see, our custom t-shirt printing process is an ultra-efficient and very modern process. The whole process creates minimal waste and allows us to create superior quality garments for a very competitive price.

Are you looking for custom t-shirt printing?

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