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Renovations here at MYOG!

Renovations here at MYOG! Make Your Own Garments

This year has been the busiest on record for us here at MYOG, so a big thank you to all of our loyal customers for your orders!

What this means, once again, is we need more space to work from…

We are redesigning our office and production space layout over the next couple of days to make it more efficient.

This is ahead of the potential for expanding our office space also, but that is going to take a little longer!!

If you notice our email response being a little slower then it is simply because it is all hands on deck to create the new office space, do not worry though we are still processing all orders as normal.

Don’t forget, new products being added to the site soon, many new and exciting things happening & we will keep you posted with all of our updates!

Thanks for reading

~ Team MYOG

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