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Mother’s Day approaching…

Mother’s Day is coming around fast!
Here at Make Your Own Garments HQ we have been racking our brains to think of the perfect Day to show our Mum’s how much they mean to us.
We thought that we would share our great ideas with you (if money wasn’t an issues) –
We would take our mums to Paris, to see the Eifel tower, go to a patisserie and drink lots of wine with plenty of cheese.
We would book a spa day, plenty of massages, bubbly and facials.
We would book a nights stay in a luxurious Hotel in London, go sight seeing and end the night with a meal and the theatre.
These are just a few of the grand ideas we came up with, If we could do anything to show our Mum’s how much they would mean to us.
You don’t have to have money to make your Mums day special, we also came up with some great ideas to make your mums day personal –
Make her breakfast in bed, pick her some flowers, cook her Sunday lunch or make her a card with a poem, personalise an apron or bake her cake.
To make your Mother’s Day more personal don’t forget you can create your very own iron on transfer, which can be pressed onto all sorts of fabrics and made into something special for your mum. With custom designed iron on transfers starting from just £1.50, why not see where your creativity will take you.

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