How To DTG...

How to…DTG


Over the next few months we will be doing some HOW TO.. Blogs, explaining how each of our t-shirt printing machinery works.


We thought we would start of the HOW TO Blags with our DTG Machines.



DTG - meaning Direct To Garment. Very simply to explain, the DTG Machine works by printing the ink straight onto the garment. It is very flexible with the print material but we tend to use this machine for t-shirts & sweaters.


There are 2 ways that this machine works. If the garment is light or white it simply goes straight into the machine and you print the design directly to the garment. However for this case study I will be sing a Black t-shirt as an example.


There is a slight different print process with dark coloured garments, before the tshirt fcan go into the DTG machine there is a step that must be done. The t-shirt must go through a pre-treat machine. This machine works by jets spraying the garment with a light layer of pre-treatment.



Once the Pre-treat has been sprayed the garment has to be cured, we do this by pressing it underneath a heat press.


Once that step is complete the t-shirt is ready to go into the DTG machine. Simply choose your design & place the garment into the machine, making sure that the item is straight and not off centre.

When you are happy with the location of the t-shirt you can send the t-shirt into the machine and set it to print.


Whilst the t-shirt is printing you can see the print process from the top panel.  The fisrt pass is purely white ink, the second pass is the colour. Once the machine is finished the final step is simple. It needs to cure for a second time so simply pass it back through the heat press.

Here is the finished product, simple!