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How to Create A Custom Print Design Online

At MYOG we offer 3 main different types of printed products that you can design and fully customise online.

These are personalised iron on transfers, custom iron on vinyl letter sheets & custom digitally printed garments.

When designing iron on transfers using our editor tool you can choose from our images, add text, change the background colour or even upload your own images.

If you choose to upload your own images, they can be either JPEG or PNG format only, so please save them as one of these file types before uploading. We recommend PNG as this allows you to upload with a clear background, then you can choose another background colour if needed (great for dark garment transfers).

Please note that you can only upload image files, you will not be able to upload a word document so please save files as an image first.

The Quality of the printed iron on transfer is solely dependent on the quality of the picture uploaded. Please make sure that the picture you have provided is at the recommended 50 dpi.

For the less technical minded people, all this simply means is that if your image looks blurry on screen, it will look blurry when printed!

When designing personalised printed garments the same principles apply as described above for designing iron on transfers, however we tend to recommend a slightly higher image quality again i.e. 75dpi because the print area on a garment is larger than a transfer. Again, you will see a preview on screen so you can see how it will look before being printed.

When designing iron on vinyl letter / number transfers you can only input your chosen text / numbers in a range of fonts & colours.

This is because vinyl transfers are single colour prints, so you cannot print full colour images or logos.

Vinyl transfers are perfect for putting names / numbers on to clothing such as sportswear, team kits, charity event & promotional wear.

The result is a very professional looking garment, made at home!

You will always get a preview on screen before reaching the checkout so please use this to gauge how your print will look.

If you need any more information or assistance please contact us and we will be happy to help –


T – 01244377135

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