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A guide to our vinyl transfers

We offer a variety of print techniques, with vinyl as one of our more popular items we thought we would give you the information you need to decide whether it is what is right for you.

There are a lot of benefits to using vinyl transfers such as their durability  (they should last as long as the garment / material they have been applied to), the ease of application – especially when using a heat press. Vinyl’s can be applied within 5 seconds!!

Vinyl also stands out – they have no background which means that only the text / logo will remain onto the material applied to, leaving an excellent finish.

We recommend vinyl to companies who are looking at customising a large amount of uniforms, as they are resilient and long lasting.

Vinyl is one of our more popular items because they are easy to use, they have a brilliant professional finish and they are long lasting.

When is vinyl not for you and what are the other options?

-> If your logo / design contains more than one colour – Vinyl is brilliant and looks great but is only available as a one colour print.

-> If your logo has a background – Vinyl can be used as a logo or text however if you would like a different colour background this is not for you as the vinyl is CAD cut, leaving the text / logo and nothing else.

If the above points apply to you, we have still got you covered! In these cases we recommend either DTG (direct to garment printing) or iron on transfers if you only intend to wear the garment for a short run.

Vinyl is very resilient and our customers have found many different ways to use it! It has been used for –


High –viz jackets



Table cloths


Baby bibs

Custom made chairs & fabrics

Baby grows

Sports t-shirts

Polo tops

Virtually all garments!

The list is endless… If you need any inspiration on how you can use vinyl transfers, check out our gallery and get inspired!!

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