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We all know that buying gifts for every occasion can be expensive.

Lets face it, there is always something to buy for!

So, we developed our amazing range of premium iron on transfers which allow you to create unique, personalised gifts from your own home.

With hundreds of designs to choose from, most of which can be personalised with a name, date or text of your choice, we offer something for all occasions.

Simply choose your design & add your own personal touch or design your own print from scratch! Place your order and we will send your custom print to your door along with full instructions on how to apply.


Application is simple and requires only the pack you receive from us in the post plus a standard domestic iron and a hard surface (such as a kitchen worktop).

Have fun creating your own personalised t-shirts, tote bags, tops, baby clothing, kids clothes and more from home with premium iron ons.

All orders come with easy to follow instructions on how to apply, have your new tops printed within minutes!





At MYOG, we offer a choice of iron on types including:

A premium vinyl transfer which is a single colour print with no background when applied to your garment, leaving a professional and durable finish.

A printed full colour transfer for use on any colour fabric, which has a default white background but you can choose your own background colour!

A printed full colour transfer for use on white fabrics which has a clear film like background when applied.

From the 3 options above, we offer transfers for most garment and fabric types and styles... we particularly recommend use on cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

Perfect for creating personalised tops for hen nights, birthday parties, personalised Christmas presents, unique gifts and so much more!


How do you apply iron on vinyl transfers?

Lay your garment on a hard flat surface (not an ironing board), pre heat your iron to the hottest cotton setting & iron over the garment to pre-heat it and remove creases. Now, place the vinyl in its desired position on to the garment (sticky side down) and iron over the plastic back of the vinyl with firm downward pressure and very slow movement for around 10-20 seconds (depending on print size), ensuring that all areas of the print have been firmly pressed at least once. Next, slowly peel away the plastic backing whilst still warm, from one corner, if the print has stuck it will stay on the garment and the backing will come away. Once the print is on your garment and the backing removed, cover the print with the included heat proof paper and re iron with firm pressure for 20 seconds to fix the print in place. Please note that these instructions apply only to iron on vinyls (HTV), printed iron on transfers have a different application method, instructions are included with all orders.

Can you use an iron for heat transfer vinyl?

The simple answer is yes, you can. Iron on vinyls can be applied in a matter of seconds using a standard household iron. Ensure you have the garment on a hard surface that can withstand the heat such as a worktop or desk (not an ironing board). Some heat transfer vinyls (HTV) will have different time and temperature requirements, but generally an iron on vinyl can be applied in around 15 seconds using a firm press motion designed to mimic a heat press, rather than a gentle back and forth motion that you would use to actually iron clothes. Printed transfers have a slightly different application method and can take 20-30 seconds to apply. For full instructions please see our FAQ's.

How durable are iron on transfers / vinyls?

Iron on vinyl transfers (Heat Transfer Vinyls or HTVs) can be quite durable when applied correctly and looked after in the correct way. Once applied, we always recommend covering the print with the included heat proof paper and re-ironing over the area for another 15-20 seconds in order to 'seal' or 'fix' the image into place, this can increase the durability of the print. With regards to washing the garment once an iron on vinyl is applied, we actually recommend a hand wash rather than machine wash. However, if you wish to machine wash the garment, this can be done, simply ensure that it is a low heat wash designed for delicate garments. Do not iron directly over the print again when ironing your clothes, this will damage it. Printed iron ons are less durable and are typically intended for short term usage, or one off wear. If washing, be very careful with the printed area and hand wash only.

Why is my iron on vinyl not sticking?

This can be down to various reasons, it is generally not a fault with the vinyl and is more likely to do with how you are applying it. The first thing to check is, are you laying your garment on a hard surface? Do not use an ironing board as the surface is too soft and spongy and will cause it not to stick. The next main cause is that you have actually ironed it for too long. Typically somewhere between a 10 second and 20 second press over all areas of the print is more than enough, any longer than this can melt the adhesive and stop it sticking to your garment properly. Again, for printed iron ons the application time is different please always refer to the received instruction leaflet before applying.

Are iron on transfers only for t-shirts?

The short answer is no, iron on vinyls (HTVs) and printed transfers can be applied to any cotton or cotton blend fabrics. Vinyls leave no background when applied and as such can also be applied to any colour fabric. Whereas printed transfers have either a clear film backing (for use on white fabric only) or a white film backing (for use on all colour garments), for these prints the background remains when applied so we recommend trimming it down ahead of application. We generally recommend custom iron ons for use on items such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, tote bags, baby clothes, cushion covers, home fabrics and more.


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